Saturday, November 29, 2008

Education for Sustainability Field, Renewable Energy Category

Emcee: Debra Poneman

Many in the audience are no strangers to the Chicago Center for Green Technology as CCGT is an incredible resource for the city’s green building community. First opened in 2001, CCGT has achieved a number of firsts in its six years of operation:
  • It boasts the First LEED Platinum Municipal building in the Country
  • The first LEED Platinum renovation of an existing building ever
  • The first LEED Platinum building in Chicago
  • And now pending is the first LEED Platinum for commercial interiors in a LEED Platinum building
But CCGT is not just a very green building located on the West side of the city, it is an educational resource to spread the word on the City’s environmental initiatives through the Green Tech U certification program, tours, special events and the recently remodeled Green Building Resource Center where homeowners, businesses and green professionals can interact with the newest products, systems and resources.

CCGT’s mission to “… promote and advance sustainable homes, workplaces, and communities to enhance the quality of urban life…” makes it a constantly evolving and changing place where visitors can learn about emerging technology, view and touch product samples from renewable sources or those containing recycled content, or just relax in the storm water collecting landscape amidst native plants and visiting birds.

Representing CCGT is Aaron Durnbaugh. Aaron is the Deputy Commissioner of the Natural Resources and Water Quality Division within the Chicago Department of Environment as well as a LEED Accredited Professional.

Aaron oversees all aspects of CCGT as well as Greencorps Chicago, the City’s Green Job training program, Chicago Conservation Corps, a program to train environmental leaders within communities and schools across the city and a number of initiatives concerning Calumet open space protection, sustainable landscaping, storm water management and urban forestry.

It is my great pleasure to induct CCGT into the Environmental Hall of Fame and to honor deputy commissioner Aaron Durnbaugh.